QORILAND TRAVEL EIRL. Is a travel agency with more 8 years of experience. We are specialists in organizing travel packages, tours, and other services that we offer. QORILAND TRAVEL is a agency licensed and authorized by the government of Peru, and we have valid permits or licenses for all of our operations. We offer a diversity of travel styles to suit all tastes. Our programs are flexible, and we can make personalized travel packages for our clients. We offer personalized assistance 24 hours a day. When you contact us before or during your trip, you will be helped by one of our travel experts who will answer your questions and help you if needed.
We offer individual services such as hotels, airline tickets, entrance tickets, and more.

Promoting Responsible Tourism in Peru

Within the work we do, one of the main tasks of our organization is to promote responsible tourism. In this context, we handle three basic concepts:
A. To encourage respect for the culture, providing our customers with all the necessary information on tourist destinations to visit, so that they are aware of the customs, traditions, beliefs and lifestyles of the residents own the diverse populations of our country.
B. We promote environmental protection; through the care of the flora and fauna of the various destinations we visit, recycling, reducing the use of water and energy; so we recommend the services of tour operators like us, QORILAND TRAVEL.
C. We are committed to local initiatives, encouraging the purchase of crafts, food consumption and support for community projects. You can be part of responsible tourism to help conserve the areas we visited and directly helping residents of local communities.